Monday, June 28, 2010

Under The Weather

Mommy's sick today. I should have known something was up when it was Daddy who gave me my 4 AM feeding. Daddy told me that she didn't want to get me sick too so she sent him in as a last-minute substitute.

It shouldn't make a difference, I guess. It was the same formula, from the same bottle, in the same chair... but it wasn't the same, somehow. For one thing Mommy smells better... and she sings to me when she feeds me, even at 4 in the morning. Daddy just yawned a lot... looked at his watch like 20 times... and then started offering me things if I promised to finish my formula and get back to sleep within 10minutes. I don't know what an I-Pod is... but apparently I now own Daddy's.

When I woke up at 7, it was again Daddy who fed me and gave me my bath. We were just about to step out for a quick run to the pharmacy for some Mommy medicine when someone knocked on our door. It was the mailman with a package from Miami. I remember when I first adopted these two that Mommy was complaining about not being able to find any baby food in Colombia. So she called my uncle Angel and aunt Claudia and asked them if they would please send her a couple of things by mail. You know... just enough to get by. Aunt Claudia said she would take care of it.
Uh... I think Aunt Claudia is under the impression that we're going to be here 3 years instead of 3 weeks. Geez, talk about bringing a bazooka to a fist fight. Daddy just laughed and said that Aunt Claudia and Mommy had a lot in common.
Speaking of Mommy. When we got back from the pharmacy Daddy gave her some medicine that sent her off to La-La Land. She promised to get better quickly so she could get back to taking care of me. So Daddy and I just kicked back and watched Brazil demolish Chile in the World Cup... and then we prepared to play a brand new game that Daddy invented called:

Her favorite sunglasses...
Her deoderant...
My nose medicine...
The pump for my nose medicine...
A shoe lace...
Whatever this thing is hanging off her camera bag...
Her hair gel...
Daddy's watch...
Daddy's antibiotics for his foot fungus...
The sofa...
And the coffee table.

It was a lot of fun. When Mommy woke up she was feeling a lot better. I decided to reward her for her speedy recovery and as soon as I saw her walk into the living room I laid it on her with a big smile... "Mama".

I thought it would make her happy... but all she could do was cry. I guess I'll never understand parents.

First Weekend

When breaking in a new pair of parents, one must always be aware of the potential hazards involved. What if we don't have any common interests? What if our personalities just don't mesh? What if my new Mommy and Daddy turn out to be total goobers? These were all valid questions that were about to be put to the test during this, our first weekend together as a family unit.

This was going to be a major test where I would find out exactly what kind of home life I was going to have.

Phase 1: Saturday Morning
I cruise into the kitchen bright and early hoping to catch her off guard but BAM! Mommy's already cooking. I don't know what she's making but it smells awesome. I tell you there is nothing like waking up to the smell of a kitchen being used correctly.

Mommy says she'll be glad to make this recipe for me again sometime in the future when I have teeth... and pants.

Phase 2: Saturday Afternoon

It was now the old man's turn.
What's up Daddio?
You gonna take me to a museum?
Are we going to a foreign film festival?
How about an art exhibit?
You're college educated.
You're a cultured kind of cat.
You've traveled a bit.
What kind of life lessons are you going to teach me on this... the first Saturday that you have with your son?
Uh... we went to a sports bar across the street to watch Team USA lose in the World Cup tournament to the team from Ghanna. Daddy was really into the game.... I was really into that fire extinguisher.

I eventually got into it when the man on TV started yelling Goooooooool!

Daddy says when we get home to Miami he's going to teach me all about another sport also called football where the players act like real men and actually get to use their hands and the ball is made of a pig's skin. Mommy rolled her eyes when he said that. I notice that Mommy rolls her eyes a lot when Daddy talks. All I know is that I feel sorry for that poor pig walking around with no skin.

Phase 3: Sunday
This is my Tio Carlos and my Tia Adriana. They are friends of Mommy and Daddy who live here in Cali and have been a big help to us since we became a family.
Sunday was Father's Day in Colombia so they wanted to take us on a special trip in order to celebrate. We ate pan de bono and sancocho de gallina and spent the whole day together visiting little towns around Cali and taking in the local culture.
The experiment was a total success as was our first weekend together. I think I can get used to this.