Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hats Off Everyone!

When you adopt a set of parents, you have to be ready for curve balls. Not everything will go according to plan or according to your previous routine. They are already fully formed and mature adults and their personalities are already set. You can't change them or expect them to behave a certain way just because it would be more convenient for you. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and accept that they are going to have their little schemes and secrets. For example: There's been more private meetings and hushed conversations between my adopted parents this week. They've been excited all week long about something... but what?

The first clue came when it came time for my 2 week check up with the specialists at Cranial Tech. Those are the people who made the helmet that I've been wearing for the last 4 months. Usually I go for my check up with either Mommy or Daddy... But this time, the both of them came along.

Daddy took the morning off from work and was in a great mood while we sat in the waiting room. He's usually stressed out and punching buttons on his cell phone trying to answer emails before going into work whenever we're here... but not today. Today he's all smiles and kisses.

Mommy was also in a great mood. She was on her phone calling her Mommy in Puerto Rico. That was another clue. Mommy always calls Abuelita Angie first whenever she has big news to tell. Well, I wish someone would tell me the big news.

The last clue came when the nurse took me into the 3-D imaging room in order to take 360 degree photos of my head. They haven't done that since the first day I came here. Why would they do that again?
So I sit still for the pictures and wait as patiently as I can (about 42 seconds) before I start getting anxious. I needed to know what was going on and I needed to know right now.

And then it happened...

They took my helmet off for good! It's true. The specialists said that my head had re-shaped itself (thanks to constantly wearing my helmet for the last 4 months) and that I no longer had those uneven lumps on my crown and forehead. My head looks completely normal now and I am free from having to wear that helmet ever again!

In celebration of that fact, it is now time to play a little game called:


Number 5: Is he retarded?
Daddy's Response: No, but you obviously are. How's that front row parking working out for you?

Number 4: Woah! What's wrong with his head?
Daddy's Response: Nothing. He has to wear the helmet because everytime he runs across a moron he bangs his head on the floor in disgust... You see? There he goes again.

Number 3: Does he attend a special school?
Daddy's Response: Why? Are you out recruiting for your alma mater?

Number 2: Oh my God... What's that thing on top of his head?
Daddy's Response: Oh my God... What's that thing on top of your neck?

Number 1: (to her 10 year old child while pointing at me) You see? That's what happens to you when you mis-behave.
Daddy's Response: (to me while pointing at the lady) You see? That's what happens to you when your parents are related.

You like this look? It's called hair gel... I had to describe the feeling to Daddy.

Mommy and I have a lot in common. We're both beautiful... we have great hair... and we don't wear helmets.

So... thanks for that whole fixing my head thing. However... now that my helmet is off I think it's time that we start seeing other people.

Yes, yes, yes Father. I love you too.

Geez... They can be so embarrassing at this age.

How does this go? Doe Rae me fart sol la pee doe.

Sigh... again? I SUCK MY THUMB... I GET IT!

Goodbye old friend... I won't miss you, but I thank you.