Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turkey, Football and Family

I just experienced my second official American holiday... and I think I like it. It's called Thanksgiving, maybe you've heard of it. I did some research and it turns out that that this holiday came about when the early settlers invited some of the local natives over for a feast in order to celebrate the fact that they were about to steal all of their land, pillage their crops and terrorize their people... At least that's Daddy's version. Mommy says that Thanksgiving is all about one thing... Family. The procedure is simple enough from what I could gather.

Step 1: Cook an enormous amount of food.
Step 2: Invite over an enormous amount of people.
Step 3: Introduce the People to the food.
Step 4: Get out of the way.

The weekend was a series of crazy adventures one after another so it's better if I just give you the major points in a simplified, outline form.

Consider this a sort of Thanksgiving Weekend for Dummies version of all of the events that happened last week. It was a week of milestones and dreams... and stuffing.

Wednesday, 11:00 AM: Mommy and I arrive in Texas where Daddy was already waiting for us. I got to go on my 2nd airplane ride, ever. The results were similar to my 1st airplane ride, ever.

It went like this: I remember Mommy giving me a huge bottle of formula upon take off... and then I remember waking up after we landed. I don't know how she does it.

Wednesday, 12:17 PM: I met my Grandfather for the very first time. He's my Daddy's Daddy and he lives with my aunt Sandy who is my Daddy's older sister. He's funny and he gave me lots of rides around the house from his chair. Grandpas are awesome!

Wednesday 5:57 PM: Daddy introduces me to his favorite toys that he used to play with when he was a kid. Apparentley he saved them all with the intention of one day passing them on to his child. I know that most of you think that this kind of thing is very sweet and touching... I, however, feel that a personal gaming system would have been a more appropriate gift.

Wednesday 6:07 PM: So you say that in 1975 this was a parking garage for your hot wheels? Guess what?... it's 2010 and now it's a chair, ok? Deal with it.

Wednesday, 7:24 PM: Big day tommorrow. I just found out that tommorrow's turkey out-weighs me by 5 pounds. Not quite sure how I feel about that yet.

Thursday, 7:51 AM: Went for an early Thanksgiving morning ride around my aunt Sandy's neighborhood. She said she wanted a little peace and quiet before the chaos started. I like her neighborhood. It reminded me of my home town of Cali, Colombia... except about 80 degrees colder.

Thursday, 8:09 AM: Aunt Sandy discovers that Daddy lightly grazed her mailbox with the car this morning when he and Mommy left on a little road trip.

Thursday, 9:17 AM: My grandfather came out of his bedroom finally and gave me my first chair ride of the day. Look how happy he looks... he has no idea that he is about to do this about 387 more times today.

Thursday, 11:23 AM: Oh great. I get it. We're all sucking our thumb because we love to mock the kid in the helmet. How very funny indeed.... KILLER ROBOTS HAVE NO SENSES OF HUMOR!

Thursday, 1:04 PM: Mommy and Daddy have almost arrived to their destination. They will be spending the day together doing something that they love to do while my aunt Sandy will spend the day doing what she loves to do... taking care of me!

I gotta tell you... I'm liking my aunt sandy's style a little more every day.

Thursday, 2PM: Lunch is served at my aunt Sandy's house. The last time I saw this much food was... was... Ok, never.

Thursday, 3PM: Mommy and Daddy arrive at their destination. Mommy surprised Daddy with tickets to the big game over 6 months ago. Daddy said that going to see his favorite team play in person is a huge deal for him. Someday... when I'm older... I'll join him, he says.

Of course, I'll refuse to go and declare that I don't care for the sport of football... Just to see the look on his face.

Thursday, 3:03 PM: Daddy declares that he can now die happy. Mommy then informed him that he wasn't allowed to die untill my college loan is paid off.

Thursday, 4:09 PM. Daddy declares that he wants to live in the stadium from now on. He plans to home-school me and we will all weigh over 500 pounds after eating nothing but nachos and hot dogs for the rest of our lives... I'm in!

Thursday, 4:27 PM: We start watching the game back home... I can't find my Mommy and Daddy anywhere in the stands.

Thursday, 5:12PM: Things start to go wrong for our team.

Thursday, 5:29 PM: Very wrong...

Thursday, 5:50 PM: Daddy tries to find a little ray of hope... somewhere.

Thursday, 6:08 PM: But it was not to be.

Thursday, 6:13 PM: I see them! I see them! No wait... that's a commercial.

Thursday, 6:28 PM: It's all over. Daddy will get over it soon... maybe.

Thursday, 7:00 PM: I try my best to deal with my dissapointment the best way that I know how.

Thursday, 7:29 PM: Mommy and Daddy find their brick in a sea of bricks!

Thursday, 7:30 PM: So they decided to celebrate...

Thursday, 7:31 PM: and then they proceeded to celebrate some more.

Thursday, 7:35 PM: I guess we all celebrate in our own ways...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.