Saturday, October 23, 2010

4 Month Anniversary and Other Observations

My Parent's Gotcha Day was 4 months ago.

4 whole months. Think about that. That's roughly 120 days... 2,880 hours... 172,800 minutes... you get my drift, right? My Daddy says that a relationship between a boy and a girl isn't officially a relationship until they reach the 4 month marker. Applying that same logic... I guess we are now officially a family.

I guess it's true what people say about how once you get parents, the time starts to fly by, and then they quickly begin to grow old right before your eyes. I already am starting to forget what my life was like before them.

These first 4 months have had their ups and downs. A lot of good times and a couple of not-so-good times.

Overall I think I made out pretty well in this adoption. A lot of times, when you adopt parents, it can take a while to warm up to them. They're nervous or anxious and don't allow their true personalities to come through. So everybody wastes the first 4 months or so of the adoption being polite and no real bonding can take place. But that hasn't been the case with these two.

I believe the polite formalities ended for us on day 3 when I started teething and Mommy and Daddy were stuck in Colombia without medication or cable television. I think all of our true personalities came out that day. And we've been staying true to them ever since.

But since we are celebrating this very special ocassion, I wanted to use the opportunity to make a few observations and point out some of the good... the bad... and the uglier moments of these first 4 months.

Opposite Reactions To My Poop: Everytime Daddy changes my diaper when I poop he looks away and uses only his fingertips. Mommy examins it and checks to see that I'm doing okay. Daddy, on the other hand, acts like I just filled my diaper with smelly asbestos and uses close to 300 wet wipes per cleaning.

Best Improvised Meal. Daddy was at the mall with me one Saturday afternoon when he discovered that he had ingeniously forgotten to pack food in the diaper bag. I'm hungry and starting to get cranky and he knew that an attempt at a car trip back home for food would result in me puncturing Daddy's ear drums. So he ordered a chicken soup from Subway Sandwiches and then asked them for 10 packets of crackers. He then proceeded to dunk each cracker individually into the broth of the soup and then fed it into my toothless mouth. The crackers melted into my mouth... I ate 8 wet crackers... And then proceeded to pass out in the stroller for 2 hours. It is now a part of our meal rotation. We call it mushy chicken crackers.

My Latest Disgusting Hobby: Hand farting. It's very simple. Step 1: You pick me up. Step 2: I fart on your hands. Step 3: I giggle adorably turning you into jello and thus giving me full authority to repeat the process whenever desired.

My Best Day Ever! Mommy had a day off recently and we spent the whole day together running errands and doing chores. First we folded laundry at home. Actually, she folded while I wrestled with, and then slobbered on the laundry. Then we went to the mall where I played on a giant turtle and then we met Daddy for dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant where I ate miso soup and rice and cucumber salad. I went to sleep at 7 PM that night and slept till 8 the next morning. To this day Mommy and Daddy call that night: 13 hours of Bliss. I wonder what they were up to.

My Favorite Games. Daddy was 2 games that he inventes. The first one is called Timber. He holds me to his chest with his back to the bed and then he yells Tiiiiiiiimber! Then he falls back onto the bed while holding me in his arms. It's awesome! I always laugh. the other game is called Abra-Cadabra. That game is played by covering me completely with a towel and then yanking it off of me and screaming Abra-Cadabra! It makes me giggle... I don't know why. Mommy has 2 games also. The first is called Tititos which means kisses on the mountain in Puerto Rico where she's from. the other is called Que Lindo which means hugs. She also creates the best tummy farts in the business by slurping on my stomach. Daddy's games are fun... but Mommy's make me feel good.

Future Plans: Going to Texas for something called Thanksgiving where Daddy says we will eat a lot and watch football all day. Sounds like an ordinary Sunday to me, but whatever. Then I'm going to Puerto Rico for something called Christmas. Mommy says I'll get to ride with Abuelo Papo on his tractor and with Tio Andres on his horse. I don't know what the deal is with this Christmas thing but the trip to the island sounds like a lot of fun. Mommy and Daddy can't decide what to do about something called New Years but I'll let you know as soon as I know.

4 Month Grades: I give them a A-. Attitude and tone is always positive. There's a No Spanking Rule in the house that I haven't even come close to needing yet, although Daddy says that, chances are, we're going to be re-visiting that rule when I turn 2. They're good parents... but truth be told, I'm a great kid. I sleep through the night, eat like a horse and love my bath time. Sure I have my moments, but what 15 month old doesn't? I need to see more from them during times of adversity before I give them a solid A. I've only thrown a couple of easy curve balls at 'em. A cold... A helmet... A couple of crooked teeth. I'm about to start walking and talking. I'm just getting warmed up. The best is yet to come. We'll see what's what in the next 4 months.

Stay tuned sports fans.

Esteban Joel, Boy Astronaut engages in battle with the Kissy Face Monster and allows himself to be devoured in kisses for the good of the cause.

Take a look at my profile.... I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart.

A young Al Pacino, right?

I think I can...

I think I can...

I think I can!!!!

I knew I could.

My Spidey Sense is tingling. Warning me of something...

Well, well, well... what do we have here?

Woah, woah, woah. Where are you going? Don't you want to know about the helmet? It's because I'm a test pilot for NASA....

No? Nothing?

Go on! Who needs you! I already have a girl... and she has her own car!

What? My goodness, no I do not have a permit to climb these stairs, officer. I didn't know you needed a permit. You're going to have to fine me? Okay. I'm not really sure what a fine is yet but... Wait, that's not a Park Ranger... that's Daddy. Wait... that's not a walkie-talkie, it's a slice of pizza.