Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

I learned something today. But wait, before you say anything... I know what you're thinking. I'm supposed to be the one doing the teaching, right? I know. But these two adopted parents of mine are full of surprises.

Apparently, the day that you are born is called your birthday. And tradition dictates that you celebrate this day in some form or another. Mommy says that in her family everyone gets together, has a huge meal, celebrates and then usually ends the day with a prayer of thanks. Daddy says that in his family they celebrate the exact same way... except their day ends usually with a fist fight between 2 or more of his uncles.

I'm completely new to this whole thing, so if some of you out there are not in on this whole birthday scenario you better talk to somebody because it's a pretty good deal. You get presents and a cake and decorations and everything! It was awesome. Here are some of the highlights:
The day began just like any other. I was hanging out after my morning bath having my usual post-breakfast snack... Mommy's glasses. When all of a sudden... what's this? Daddy enters the scene with a white box and a ribbon.
Mommy said it was called a present. She said that when you get a present it means that someone cares about you enough to give you a gift and that you don't have to give them anything in return. "Unless you're married to them" Daddy said. "Then you better get them something in return or you'll never hear the end of it."
Daddy and I had a really good laugh over that one. Mommy... not so much.
Check out my new birthday outfit. $24.99... cell phone not included.
Mommy and Daddy filled the living room floor with these things called balloons. It reminded me that I had just chugged 6 oz of milk and I was feeling a little gassy... oops. Was that me?
Mommy and I cooked a special meal. My girlfriend Adriana was coming over with her boyfriend Carlos and I wanted everything to be perfect.
What does that Carlos guy have that I don't have?... you know, besides teeth and the ability to not poop himself.
What's this Carlos? A gift? For me? Eh.. I may have misjudged you, my friend.
Now you're talking! He got me a Colombian futbol uniform from their national team. Some guy named El Pibe. That's great, thanks... My goodness, Adriana's hands sure are soft.
My girlfriend also got me my first winter coat. She says it'll help keep me warm when we go to Bogota. Wait... no one told me Bogota was going to be cold.
Mommy and Daddy then logged onto their computer and I received birthday wishes from my new extended family spread out all over the US and Puerto Rico. They all said that they can't wait to meet me. I wonder if my new Puerto Rican family is as loud in person as they are over the internet.
After lunch, Carlos and Adriana took us out sight seeing so I could get to know a little more about my home town for my birthday.
This is the view from a street market in an area of Cali called San Antonio.
Two Colombians and a Mexican walk into a bar...
They also took us to this park next to the Cali River that has a bunch of cool cat sculptures. Daddy says it's too bad this cat isn't real. Mommy says it's too bad Daddy can't frame a picture properly.
Mommy likes this cat with the stars because it reminds her of her favorite football team. I find the whole thing creepy, quite frankly and wish we could leave.
Ok... Now I'm seriously creeped out. I'm going to suck my thumb in protest until we leave this scary place.
Do with me what you will... My protest continues.
At he end of the day... not bad for a first attempt at this birthday thing. Daddy says that I was so good at it that from now on, he's going to convince the entire United States of America to celebrate my birthday, every July 4th, with huge fireworks displays, picnics and concerts.
I don't think he can pull it off... do you?