Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sugar Daddy

There's been a major developement out at the ol' homestead. I've gone from one and a half parents back to two. That's right sports fans my Daddy is home from his secret mission in Iraq... okay so maybe that's not completely true. Actually, he was away at ninja training school at an undisclosed location in the orient.


Fine. The truth is that the reality show that he works for finally ended it's 13 week run and he's getting back to more "normal" hours of operation. By normal I mean little things like not having to work every Saturday and Sunday and getting home from work at a decent and respectable hour. By decent and respectable I, of course, mean anytime before 9 PM which is when I hit the rack.

Don't get me wrong, there are some fringe benefits that you get by hanging out with people who work in Television. I got to go to the studio on Saturday afternoons with Daddy and watch something called rehearsals. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Its just a bunch of people on stage doing the same thing over and over again all day long. Here in America it's called rehearsals... in Colombia people who do the same thing over and over again all day long are called insane... or government workers.

I also learned that studios always have something called a "crafts table" filled with doughnuts and cereal and muffins and candy and fruit and juice boxes and quesadillas and even my all-time favorite... hot dogs!

Having Daddy around more is great... but there are some little things that I'll have to get used to. Understand that for the last three months, Mommy and I have developed this little rythm between us and now we have to adjust to Daddy and his way of doing things. As a team, my parents are great, but there are some subtle differences in their parenting styles. For example: Mommy is way more disciplined than Daddy. She'll spend at least an hour with me everyday on the floor teaching me shapes and colors... Daddy will last about 15 minutes with that nonsense before we end up wrestling and/or play-fighting with pillows.

Daddy is also a lot more strict with me than Mommy is. Mommy will let me go through my tantrums so that I can get everything out of my system whereas Daddy will be a lot quicker to drop the hammer on me and take me out of the room for a scolding and a lecture informing that I will not turn out to be that kid that's always crying at all of the birthday parties. Mommy says that this point is key for Daddy because she's reviewed a lot of his pictures from when he was a kid at birthday parties and guess what? Yup... bawling like a 13 year-old girl sitting front row at a Justin Bieber concert.

Another difference between them is in the way that they approach my meal time. Mommy prepares a plate for me and feeds me in my high chair... Daddy prefers to sit me on his lap and share his plate with me. That's because we all eat the same food at my house. Mommy cooks everyday but there are no special meals for me. I eat what they eat, which could be any combination of chicken, beef or fish usually with beans and rice or a salad. Sometimes Mommy mixes in a soup or a stew and sometimes she makes pastas like spaghetti or lasagna. The problem is that Daddy eats with a lot of hot sauces and hot peppers so sometimes I get hit with some friendly fire.
Either way, I think the important thing is that we're a family again. Weekends will be filled with trips to the park or the beach again and I'm expecting at least 3 cookouts in the next month where Daddy will make steaks for him and Mommy and a juicy hot dog for yours truely.

But it doesn't matter what or where we eat as long as we're together. Because now I know that nothing will ever come between us... EVER!
Eh... That is until August when the TV show that Mommy works on begins.

Oh well... I guess that's show business.