Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wet Behind The Ears

I woke up in a great mood today. Mommy and Daddy said we were going out to Miami Beach to visit Uncle Poncho and Aunt Michele.

It rained a little in the morning but I overheard Daddy telling Mommy that we were going no matter what. He said something about needing to get away. They've both been working really hard. Especially Mommy, since she already went back to work on her TV show. Even when she comes home, she's busy on the computer until late into the night... after giving me my bath, my bottle and then putting me to sleep, of course.

But Daddy is starting to struggle a little bit. I think it's starting to dawn on him that this whole fatherhood thing is a 24/7 proposition. No vacations, no coffee breaks and no time-outs. Mommy keeps telling him that he's doing a great job but I think he's tired and feeling a little out of his element right now. I think that's why he wants to go to Uncle Poncho's house so badly, even if it's raining. I think he just needs to hang out with his buddy for a while so he can feel free and sane again. The thing is that Aunt Michele and Uncle Poncho are having a baby girl in September.
Say goodbye to your freedom and your sanity forever boys. Heh, heh, heh...
Uncle Poncho and Aunt Michele re-did their floors so they brought in an expert to crawl around for a while and give them an appraisal. Very nice, kids. It feels nice and cool on the ol' keister.
This is their weiner dog Pepe Lepe.
First, Pepe noticed my butt...
Then he sniffed my butt...
Then he bit my butt.
That was funny Pepe... You can laugh when you're protected by three layers of diaper.
Eventually, Daddy and I made our way into the water. Daddy was a little scared of going into the deep end, but I just told him to hold on tight to me and I would protect him.
I was confused by that weird substance on top of Uncle Poncho's head. Apparently it's called hair. I tried to expalin it to Daddy but he was just as confused as I was.
Yeah, yeah, yeah Uncle Poncho. You can offer me that floaty thing anyway you want... I'm not letting go of the old man. He's got 3 years invested in me. I know he's not ever letting go.
Another good day. Tomorrow I'm gonna talk to Mommy and Daddy about trading in that cat for a dog. Pepe Lepe Rocks!