Monday, July 19, 2010

Making Myself At Home

So I wake up this morning and Mommy and Daddy are all in a fuss because a box has arrived in the mail from Texas. What's the big deal? We've been getting boxes in the mail almost everyday since we got here. Well... this box is special because it's from my grandfather. That's my Daddy's Daddy. He lives in Laredo with my Tia Norma, my Tio Cesar and my cousin Viviana. They live with him now full time ever since my grandmother went to heaven.
My Daddy doesn't talk about her much. Mommy says that it's because it makes him sad. But I can tell that he thinks about her all of the time... especially when he looks at me. I heard Daddy tell Mommy that he's going to raise me the exact same way that she raised him. With a firm hand... and an open heart. Daddy says that he expects me to grow up to be an exceptional young man so that she can be proud... of the both of us.
7 presents? That's all? Cheapskates...
Daddy said that he was going to use the box to return me to Colombia if I messed my diapers one more time. Uh... just so we're clear. You mean after you clean up what I have in there now, right?
Needs a little seasoning... but not too bad.
OBTW... been here 5 days and the cat and I are still not speaking to each other. Apparently, she used to be the cute baby of the house before I arrived. But there's a new sheriff in town... and she knows it.
Later that afternoon we went to the Miami Zoo. It was just like the Cali Zoo except it was 178 degrees hotter.
Uh... I don't mean to be critical. Especially since I'm only a year old. But sea gulls in a zoo? In beach town? Really?
Ok, Mommy. Act casual. Is the elephant looking at us? DON'T LOOK OVER THERE! Just act like we're talking about something else.
Esteban Joel... Ninja Hippo Dentist.
Daddy says that the Kamodo Dragon is a direct descendant of the dinosour... Mommy says that so is Daddy.
Stupid dragon. I thought you were supposed to have wings and breathe fire. That's the last time I believe anything in a Harry Potter movie.
Uh... I know that this is a fake alligator. But I think I just felt him move.
Um... yeah. Thanks for bringing me to this nice display Mommy, but in Colombia... the waterfalls are real, okay? I'm just saying.
Wow... and people say I have a big forehead.
Oh shoot. I think he heard me. Is he still looking at me? Everybody act normal. La dee da dee da...
Again... I know they're fake, but I'm only a year old and I'm not asamed to admit that... I'm a little nervous.
Rode the carousel with Mommy. She said it brought up memories... I say it almost brought up lunch. Burp.
The end of another good day. Mommy and Daddy promised to show me something called a swimming pool tomorrow. I told them I'd think about it.