Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random Shots and Thoughts

Breaker, Breaker... come in Bandit.... this is The Snow Man... 10-4 good buddy.

Sorry... More of Daddy's Jedi Training. This week: Smokey and the Bandit.

I'm a 2-fisted eater. I distract you with the fork... and then I zoom in with my hand and feed myself. I'm like a ninja. A Chicken Pot Pie Ninja.

What? No I do not have any money to pay for this. This is very embarrassing... I've never had to pay for my meals before. What? No I do not think that you are running a soup kitchen... I'm not sure I even know what that is. No! Please do not call the authorities... Yes, I suppose I could wash dishes to pay you back...

Wait... that's not a waiter... that's Daddy.... wait that's not a menu... that's the stupid cat.

Mommy said that I was not allowed to get up from the table until I could see the bottom of the bowl. Uh... ok... I'm there... and I see nothing. Did I do this right?

Ok... we have 7 bannana puffs left, so... 2 for you and 5 for me. That's about even, right?

Esteban Joel, Rocket Robot Boy swoops in for a closer look at Mommy.

So... sore throats must suck for you, am I right?

I have no lettuce in my pocket... I promise.

You are over 100 years old? Really? That's almost as old as Daddy.

Mommy, you go ahead and look at the monkeys... I'll be here.