Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ninja Crabs and Rainouts

Any veteran of the adoption process knows one thing to be very sure. You need to get accustomed to dissapointment. Not everything will turn out to be quite as you imagined it or get done in the time frame that you imagined it. Everything just kind of seems to flow in it's own natural rythm and things fall into place when they decide to fall into place. You can't fight it or control it... you just kind of have to go with it.

For example... Mommy, Daddy and I were supposed to go to a baseball game this past weekend. Daddy's favorite team was in town for the weekend and we had planned for me to make my professional sporting event debut on Saturday night. But it rained all weekend... Saturday night's game was still played but it was only Daddy and Tio Yared that went, instead of all of us. I ended up staying home that night with the ladies... why?

Because my parents made a joint decision concerning what would be best for me in the long run... Daddy says that all of that is just a bunch of fancy talk for: Mommy didn't let Daddy take me to the game because there was a threat of rain showers. Daddy tried to convince the room that it wasn't going to rain but by then Mommy had recruited Abuelita and Titi Grizi over to her side and it very quickly became a lost cause. In the end... Daddy says that it did rain and he and Tio Yaro were left scrambling for cover most of the night. Let's say it all together now because I'm starting to get the feeling that it's going to be a common theme around here. Ready?... Mommy was right. But, to her credit, Mommy just smiled politely the next morning as Daddy told her the stories of the night before.... then she made him his favorite breakfast... and then she made him say you were right 10 times before allowing him to eat any of it.

Mommy's funny...

Funny story about Daddy. I have to be careful how I say this because I realize that a man's reputation hangs in the balance. So I'll be as professional and delicate as I can... Daddy's is scared to death of crabs. I don't mean scared as in: They freak him out a little bit... I mean scared as in: He runs away squealing like a 12 year old girl who just bumped into a Jonas Brother at a gas station. He can't stand them... and he's convinced that they don't think much of him either.

So on Friday night, Daddy was in garage trying to organize a couple of things when he heard something scratching and clicking on the floor behind him. He turned around and swears that the crab jumped into the air ninja style and kicked him in the face. Daddy says that he did everything he could to get out of that garage alive.

To make a long story short... Mommy had to wake up Tio Yaro and drag his sleepy butt downstairs so he could handle the situation with a pair of pasta tongs. Once the crab was in custody, there was a variety of opinions floating around about what to do with it. Mommy wanted to release it back into the wild... Tio Yaro wanted to steam it and then dip it in a little melted butter... Daddy wanted to put it in a shoe box and keep it behind for questioning. He wanted to know how many more of them there were out there, and their exact location.

So they decide to release it out in front of the house and suddenly an Animal Planet show broke out. What I mean is that a couple of stray cats from the neighborhood got to Mr Crabby and the next morning there was a scene in front of our door that looked like a bomb had gone off in a crab factory. Mommy was about to go inside and grab a broom in order to clean up but Daddy stopped her. He wanted her to leave the front porch exactly the way it was with the remains of the crab spread out all over the place. Daddy said that he wanted to send a message to all of the other ninja crabs out there who might think about sneaking into our garage in order to attack him. Mommy just shook her head silently and walked away muttering to herself.

Hey. Say whatever you want about my Daddy and his twisted logic... but it's been 4 days and not a single crab has been seen around the house.

Message delivered.
This is what happens when you leave your camera unattended near my Titi Grizi. She finds these kinds of pranks to be hilarious... She's from an extremely small town.

On Sunday Mommy and Tio Yaro made sofrito. It's a mixture of spices that are the basis for every Puerto Rican dish. Mommy says that every meal in Puerto Rico begins with sofrito... Daddy claimed the exact same thing to be true in Mexico, except with tequila.

Trust me... it tastes a lot better than it looks.