Sunday, December 5, 2010

Performing Death-Defying Stunts For My Family's Enjoyment

What the heck are you looking at? Actually... I take that back. Forget what I said before. I want you to look. Take a good long look. I want you to study the image that you see on the left because it is about to change dramatically. In exactly 2 weeks my entire look will change. My life and my head will never be the same again. That's right sports fans... My helmet is coming off. Can you dig it? The Doctor said that my head was finally ready for action. Whatever imperfection that was there before has apparentley been corrected and I am ready to move forward with my life... and my head. I miss my Aunt Sandy. She fusses over me like nobody else. She's all kissy kissy mushy all day every day. Normally, that kind of stuff doesn't work on me. But Aunt Sandy has this strange power over me. She starts with the kisses and the baby talk and I get all goo goo ga ga on her. It's a little embarrassing... for the both of us. Daddy calls it the Amparo Curse. The curse doesn't allow you to be within 5 feet of a toddler without becoming a blubbering idiot gushing out strange sounds and making ridiculous faces. Aunt Sandy is teeming with the curse. Both she and Daddy agree that she is slowly becoming their mother. Both she and Daddy also agree that they are not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

These Videos are further proof of my impressive strength and bravery.

Daddy says that once my helmet comes off we might have to take it a little easy on the stunts because I won't have that extra layer of protection anymore. I'm going to have to remind him that I don't have an easy gear. At least, not yet.


Breaking in new parents is never easy.