Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goooooooooood Morning Bogotaaaaaaa!

Woke up this morning after doing something I had never ever done before in my whole entire life... traveled outside of Cali. Daddy wasn't quite as excited as I was.

Bogota is awesome! It's very modern and big. I've never seen so many shiny new buildings. The taxi guy said that the reason its so cold here is because the city is so high up on top of a big mountain. He said that we were 9,895 feet above sea level. The taxi guy said that we would probably feel it in our lungs whenever we tried to walk anywhere. Daddy told him not to worry... that he had the strength of 10 men. "And the ass of 2!" Mommy added in from the backseat.

Good one Mommy.

This is a quick re-cap of our trip from Cali to Bogota.
Everything started back in Cali when I had my final meeting with my attorney and my Gladney Center for Adoptions representative. That nice lady on the left is my attorney. Her name is Gertrudis. That other nice lady is Magnolia. She's been taking good care of Mommy and Daddy ever since they got to Cali. This is me getting my Colombian Passport. Very exciting moment for me.
And just like that... after a simple signature by Daddy and I officially went from Steven Saa Valencia to Esteban Joel Benavides Soto. All of the nice ladies started to cry a little, including Mommy. Daddy just walked away for a little while. He said he needed to be alone. I understood. Guy stuff.
The night before we left to Bogota my physical therapists Tania and Anita came by to say goodbye. They were the nice girls who gave me therapy when I was younger and weaker. They were very impressed with how much I had progressed in just 3 weeks. They called it an acelerated progression... I call it Mami/Papi Love.
On our way to the airport the next day, something caught Mommy's eye. The driver mentioned that the neighborhood that we were passing was the neighborhood that I was originally from. This was where I was going to grow up if I hadn't adopted my new parents. Mommy and I were extremely curious... Uh, she a little more than I.

Mommy was a little sad. Daddy said that we shouldn't be sad. That we should be proud. He said that we would never throw this picture away so that I would never forget where I came from.
When we finally got to the airport I was all a flutter. It was my first time at an airport. I could not contain my excitement.
My excitement carried over into the airplane. I could not believe I was actually flying. I've never been so thrilled... really.
When we finally landed in Bogota, Mommy and I were so happy. Daddy said he'd be happy when we found a bathroom that he could use.
Bogota sure was different than Cali...
And somehow the same.
Tomorrow is my last day in Colombia. Then we go home to Miami. I can't believe it... somebody pinch me. Ouch... I wasn't bring literal Daddy... but thanks.