Monday, August 9, 2010

Curve Ball

Daddy went back to work today without a warning. One day we're hanging out together all day long, just us guys and the next.... I should have known something was up when he came downstairs this morning wearing long pants.

The way I understand it is the folowing: Mommy works for a production company that produces a TV show that airs from September till November. After November she will be staying home with me all of the time. Daddy, on the other hand, works for a Television Network. They make him work all of the time and he hardly ever gets any time off.

Just like that, the ecosystem of the house changed completely. Exit Aunt Sandy and Cousin Nicole... Enter Tio Yared and Titi Grisi. Tio Yared is Mommy's younger brother and Titi Grisi is his fiancee. Mommy says that the word finacee is french for the person who will soon own your heart... Daddy says that if things don't go well in the marriage, the word could also mean the person who will soon own your house.

Funny observation... Let me start by saying that my Abuelita Angie is a a very conservative, religious woman. Her beliefs are very important to her and they define a major part of who she is... at least that's what Mommy always says. We've been spending a a lot of time together lately and I've decided that as far as grandmothers go... I got a pretty good one in Abuelita Angie. She's kind, she's soft-spoken, she's always happy to see me, she never gets mad and she's always there.
So here's the funny part of the story... Abuelita's religion frowns on dancing. It's against the rules so she never does it. Daddy says that in the 6 years that he's known her, he thinks he saw her clapping along to a song once... but never dancing.

So the other morning Mommy and Abuelita were feeding me breakfast in the kitchen and one of Mommy's favorite songs started playing on the radio. So Mommy starts dancing for me... and I start to giggle. The more she danced... the more I giggled. Before I knew what was happening I was having an all-out baby laughing fit. Suddenly, Mommy's cell phone goes off and she runs off upstairs to retrieve it. On the way up the stairs she crosses paths with Daddy who is sleepily making his way down the stairs looking for his morning cup of tea. Daddy rounds the corner into the kitchen and when he does... he catches Abuelita Angie dancing her booty off for the giggly enjoyment of her grandson.

SINNER he yelled at her. Abuelita never skipped a beat and just kept right on boogying with me. Daddy said that he wanted to show us a movie called Footloose with more or less the same plot line as what happened in our kitchen that morning.
Mmmmmm... the evil mummy will roam the land looking for the perfect empanada.
I'm getting up... I'm getting up... I'm getting up...
Suckers... I can't get up yet.
Heard of road rage? I have road rash. Wanna see where?
Mommy's at work and now Daddy's at work and we are completely alone here! I cannot believe that you are not nervous about this Abuelita.