Friday, October 1, 2010

The Importance Of Having Pals

I learned something the other day. Along with being a very noble undertaking, the adoption process offers a lot of extras that they don't tell you about. For example... it is a little known fact that adopting parents is the greatest spectator sport in the world. These brand new parents are always on the go. Everything is a project and everything is a big deal. I'm serious. I could watch my parents all day long and never get tired of it. Every day brings a new combination of people, activities and moves. Mommy gets me up most mornings and sometimes Daddy takes over feeding me while she gets ready for work. On weekends, Mommy goes off to work early and it's Daddy that gets me up in the morning and then we hang out together for the rest of the day. I miss Mommy a lot on weekends but Daddy says that she can't hang out with me right now because she has to bring home the bacon.

Stupid bacon... I'd rather hang out with Mommy.

Weekends are when things get really interesting because that's when they leave the person with the least amount of child-rearing experience in charge... My Daddy. Don't get me wrong, what he lacks in experience he makes up for in creativity and energy. His game plan is simple. Get me out of the house for as long as possible... and take me places with as much visual stimulation as possible... so that I can get as tired as possible... so that then we can return home and I will nap for as long as possible. He does a pretty good job. Usually, my naps last an average of 60-90 minutes. But my world record is the 3 hour nap that I took last weekend after Daddy took me over to Tio Angel and Tia Claudia's house.
They invited Daddy and I over for something called Brunch. I did a little research on this American tradition of yours and it turns out that Brunch is a weekend ritual made very popular inthe early 1970's. It is a combination of breakfast and lunch and it is ususally served around 11 AM. Typical menu items at a traditional Brunch would be eggs, coffee, juices, milk, breads, bagels, fruits, cereals, oatmeals, cold cuts, pasta salads, chicken salads, baked hams and even fresh roast beef.

Tio Angel, on the other hand, served arepas con carne mechada.

The arepas were freshly made from Tio Angel's Arepa Maker that he got for Christmas last year. Daddy said that he never thought he would see the day. That a man admit that he loves to cook? asked Tio Angel? No... that a man admit that he asked for an arepa maker for Christmas. said Daddy.
Tio Angel and Tia Claudia made the food and everybody ate and had a good time. Isa joined in and helped her Daddy roll up some of the cornmeal. She's allowed to help in the kitchen because she's a big girl. I still have a ways to go before I can help anybody do anything. So for now, all I can do is observe and learn. So that when my chance comes... I can become the Arepa King. Daddy says that I should set my sights a little higher than that. Tortilla King... now that has a nice ring to it.

Tio Angel shared a funny story about how he used to hate Daddy when he first met him 13 years ago. Tio Angel thought Daddy was cocky and he didn't approve of how popular he was when they first started working together. After a few years, and a couple of parties together, they ended up becoming very close friends. Daddy says that he's just using Tio Angel to get to Tia Claudia. She's the one that everyone really likes and he's just along for the ride. She's great. We were originally all supposed to go to the zoo that day but it rained all morning so Tia Claudia switched gears and organized this mini-brunch in less than an hour so we could all still get together.

They know it's not easy entertaining a little kid like me all day. They know how important it is for me to learn to play well with others. They also know what it's like to be a new parent. Tio Angel and Tia Claudia have been a huge help to Mommy and Daddy ever since I adopted them. That Brunch could have had stale bread as the main course and Daddy would have still thought it was the feast of the century. It's not the food... it's the company that makes for a great meal is what Daddy's Mommy, Abuela Amparo used to always say.

Daddy says that he doesn't know about all of that... all he knows is that he's glad Tio Angel doesn't hate him anymore... Because those arepas were not bad at all.

Miguel Angel, you own all of these cars? Woah... you must be a millionaire.

I like Isa. She and I have the same dentist.

Ok... one of us in this picture is sitting in his own poop. Can you guess who?

Sadly... Mommy had to think about it for a second before submitting a vote.

Stupid cat. You're worthless. All you do is sleep, eat, poop and cry for attention. Do you realize how pathetic an existence that is? DO YOU?!


Cute little kitty... I shall name you Shakira. She's from Colombia. And I'll name you... Juanes. Yes, he's also from Colombia. Don't look at me like that. I happen to like my country okay? So sue sue me. Geez.

Boy... for a pack of adorable kittens you guys sure are a judgemental bunch.