Thursday, July 1, 2010

Field Trip

Let me see if I have this straight. There are places in major cities callled zoos where you just walk around staring at poor defensless animals who are caged up and exploited and forced to live outside of their natural habitats?... Um, okay I'm in. Who wants a soda?
Grrrr. You ain't so bad Mr. Pussy Gato. Go get me a bowl of Frosted Flakes or I'll kick you in the ear again.
This is a funny picture. Daddy was making a Jaguar sound and he scared me and I started to cry. Then Mommy almost made Daddy cry. Stupid Jaguars... That's why I prefer Mercedes.
Daddy calls this picture Mutant Ninja Turtle Vato. Mommy let go of me and I didn't fall. She was so proud... I didn't tell her I pooped my pants.
You see that Lion asleep back there? I'm tickling his butt. Chiqui chiqui chiqui chii.
Daddy says that Koi Fish survive on a steady diet of little Colombian boys.
Stupid Koi Fish. You think that scared me? Huh?... well yes actually it did a little.
Ok... this one's for Padrino Poncho and uncle Super Dave only: Come on fishies... don't be koi.
Daddy told Mommy that he found out that this Llama's name was Dolly. When Mommy called her The Dolly Llama, Daddy laughed all by himself for like an hour and a half. Mommy just stared at Daddy. I don't think she got it. I didn't either. Mommy told me to get used to it.
This is Mommy and Daddy's friend Adriana. She's Colombian just like me. She's also a zoologist here and gave us a private tour. I really like her a lot but she has a boyfriend... I can wait.
The zoo is my new favorite place in the whole world. Mommy promised me something called Disney's Animal Kingdom when we get back home. But I doubt it's better than this. You know... unless it's some kind of crazy fantasy land with rides and shows.

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